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welcome to cycleseekers

An Introduction to Cycleseekers

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Cycleseekers! Here we’ll discuss all facets of cycling and irrespective of whether you’re an expert or just starting out, I promise there will be something for everybody. I hope you will utilize our site as a source of information on the sport, as well as find supportive tips and advice.

It only recently dawned on me how prevalent cycling has been at every stage of my life. I say this as someone who recognizes there is always something more to learn, even when we’ve done something for a long time and feel we are experts. I’ve personally been amazed at the amount of tips and tricks I’ve learned from other riders as I’ve met new friends within the hobby. What I also learned (and what many of the most experienced cyclists already know), is that there never arrives a moment where once feels they have mastered the sport. One of the most enduring and beautiful things about the sport can be described by a well known and oft-repeated mantra; “it never gets easier, you just go faster”.

Here, our focus will be helping those involved in the sport to “go faster”, learn new things, and explore new products. But also, we want to serve as a gateway of knowledge and information for those who haven’t previously been involved, and those who want to start but feel overwhelmed (or who never even learned how to ride). Here you will find supportive advice to help you go further, while highlighting just what it is that makes this one of life’s greatest experiences (and I guarantee cycling goes deeper than you might first think).

For pretty much every amazing moment in my life, there is a memory of a ride that occurred around the same time where I processed said moment. I do feel that there is much more to riding than the pursuit of speed, fitness, and distance goals, and I’d like to welcome you and thank you in joining me for the ride!